Hank & Bodie

Beloved Dog
by Maria Kalman

A witty and beautiful book that should be in every dog lover’s library. Recommended for adults and older teens. The author details her fear of dogs and ultimately her decision to get a dog during a distressing time in her life (no spoilers here).  The artwork is so beautiful and heartwarming! The book is divided in to two parts and the second half is very artsy and clever. If you are thinking about gifts, this should be added to your list for someone who adores the four footed. You will find it is on sale now HERE!

Hannah and Sugar by Kate Berube

Sometimes kids are just afraid of dogs. There can be a reason or just lack of exposure to a furry friend. This sweet story is about Hannah and her friend who has a dog named Sugar. Hannah is very afraid of Sugar and doesn’t want to be around her friend when Sugar is with her. Then one day Sugar has gone missing. Hannah must make a choice about helping her friend find her dog. This story focuses on friendships, relationships, and facing fears. Get a copy of the book HERE!

A Thank You Walk by Nancy Loewen & Hazel Quintallia

This story, while geared for younger students, provides a wonderful lesson on thankfulness. No matter the time of year, take your whole family out for a “thankful walk” with your dog. I recommend having everyone name at least one thing they are thankful for. Watch your little pup and see what captures their attention, there is a lot they can teach us too! Follow your little four legged friend around a park, neighborhood, or city to see what you find. Express gratitude for all the wonderful things you discover together. This story is great to read before or after you walk. Get your own copy HERE!

A Thank You Walk